[GRASS-user] v.net.path algorithm problem

Richard Chirgwin rchirgwin at ozemail.com.au
Thu Mar 25 05:40:17 EDT 2010

Hamish wrote:
> Richard wrote:
>> if you zoom very closely to any of the categories in the 
>> error report, do you see a lack of connection between those
>> points and the network lines?
> 'v.clean tool=snap' is for lines, but it's pretty close.
> is there a tool to snap points to lines?
> Hamish
Not that I know of, but there are some possible workarounds.

1. v.net, as Markus said, is designed to make the connections. I find it 
can produce some odd results, but that could well be user inexperience!

2. If you can't beat a problem any other way, use v.distance with the 
output flag set. This will create lines connecting source to 
destination. Gee, I should have thought of *that* sooner for a problem I 
was working on a couple of weeks back!


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