[GRASS-user] New module for fuzzy calsification added to svn repository

Jarosław Jasiewicz jarekj at amu.edu.pl
Mon Mar 29 08:53:59 EDT 2010

Hi list!

I added new module r.fuzzy.system to svn repository:

this is standalone classification module, to work require only sets and 
rules definition (see module description and small tutorial in 

what module do (internally):

- parse sets and rules text files before calculation
- creates fuzzy sets based on user's definition
- implicate fuzzy rules form antecedents to consequent based on user rules
- aggregate consequents
- defuzzify final set

additional features:
- output fuzzy maps for particular rules
- output consequents and aggregated fuzzy set for particular cells 
(without map calculation)

In spite that module has the same name as that created by Francois 
Declaux, it is completely new tools without any references to that 
except it was created for that same reasons. Module r.fuzzy system do 
not require r.fuzzy and r.fuzzy.logic to work, but these modules can be 
used to trace intermediate results (they use the same fuzzy algorithms)

It fact module do almost all what I assumed, but there are probably lot 
of bugs and errors. Because it was rather difficult coding (especially 
text file and expression parser) any help with testing will be 
appreciated. I will also appreciate if someone with better English than 
mine can help me write tutorial on fuzzy logic in GIS

Known issues:
If there are cells for which membership in all sets is 0 module returns 
null. It is probably difficult to solve without extensive graphical UI 
with additional correction and check-out tools so probably will remain 

Jarek Jasiewicz

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