[GRASS-user] GRASS temporary files and removing mapsets?

Jonathan Greenberg greenberg at ucdavis.edu
Tue Mar 30 12:27:40 EDT 2010


I'm getting close to finishing up a generic code that sends any given
raster command to gridengine for parallel processing (I'll post it as
soon as its ready for testing), but I had a couple of quick question
on GRASS standards:

1) For a given mapset, is there a directory within it that is designed
for temporary, non-geospatial files (e.g. text parameter files)?
2) Is there an "official" way to remove a mapset from GRASS short of
rm -rf /pathto/mapset)?

Thanks!  Would anyone be interested in testing out the code once its
done?  If so, send me a message.  You'll need to get gridengine
installed (or have access to a working gridengine server).  I got it
installed in about 2 minutes on a debian system by just downloading
the binaries and running the install scripts that come with it (I had
NO luck getting the debian package via apt-get working, mind you).


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