[GRASS-user] g.extension not working

Markus Metz markus.metz.giswork at googlemail.com
Wed Sep 1 16:07:35 EDT 2010

Markus Neteler:
> Markus Metz:
>> Daniel Victoria wrote:
>>> I just issued "make install" and installed grass65 at
>>> /usr/local/grass-6.5.svn. Now, g.extension tries to install
>>> r.stream.order but complains about permissions. Taking ownership of
>>> the install dir fixes the problem. So, what would be the "correct" way
>>> to use g.extension, run grass as root or take ownership of the install
>>> dir?
>> Maybe you could just ignore the install-related error messages and
>> check if r.stream.order is available when you are running grass
>> "straight from the build directory (start script at
>> ./bin.i686-pc-linux-gnu and binaries at ./dist.i686-pc-linux-gnu)"
>> In this case, i.e. running grass from the build directory, you could
>> download any addon to the appropriate directory, run make and it
>> should be available (not sure about manuals though, which are
>> important...) when running grass from the build directory.
>> Otherwise, if you installed grass as root (make install as root), you
>> most probably also have to install addons as root.
> Perhaps we need to add some sudo magic...?
Probably yes. The standard situation might be that a user installs
from a repository grass and grass-devel (or simliar) which usually
requires root privileges. In turm g.extension will require root
priviliges. Right?

Markus M

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