[GRASS-user] High resolution raster interpolation

Markus Metz markus.metz.giswork at googlemail.com
Mon Sep 20 10:37:13 EDT 2010

kapo coulibaly wrote:
> I'm trying to interpolate a raster from a shapefile (points or contours).
> The shapefile is a 2ft contour lidar-derived elevation and I need a 10 ft
> resolution DEM.

Extracting contours discards a lot of information, results are more
detailed if a raster surface is interpolated straight from the LiDAR
points. Try any of the v.surf.* modules with the LiDAR points, not the

> Obviously even on a dual core dual processor 64 bit
> workstation with 8 GB of ram I couldn't complete the computation.

How many cells (rows, columns) are in the current region? Did you use
r.surf.contour? The -s flag might help to reduce memory requirements a
bit for very large datasets.

Markus M

> Is there
> an automated way to slice the domain in smaller pieces, carry out the
> computation and piece them back together afterward? I'm thinking of writing
> a script but i was wondering if it has already been done.
> Thanks
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