[GRASS-user] High resolution raster interpolation

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 21 02:49:05 EDT 2010

[all, please avoid top-posting & html-posting, and please do crop
away non-pertinent old conversation from your posts..... on behalf
of those trying to do a lot with very tight time constraints (&
without taking out frustrations too badly on the innocent), it
would be much appreciated. humble thanks]

kapo wrote:
> I tried r.surf.contour but using the vector contours converted
> to raster, it didn't work either. I'll try the actual lidar
> point and get back to you.

if you have LIDAR data, probably try v.surf.rst or v.surf.bspline.

> > after about 24 hrs of computation the progress
> > rows:       7246
> > cols:       8750
> Maybe the contours leave wide empty spaces (it is a pretty
> flat terrain) and it makes computation more difficult.

yes, r.surf.contour can spend a Very Long Time searching if
there are large areas without contour lines. I would not be
surprised if a 7200x8700 region with lots of flat areas could
take a few days to complete in that case. I'd be surprised if
it took much more than a week @ 3GHz though.

(I do a lot of work in steep mountains so for me it usually
runs very quickly :-)



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