[GRASS-user] Python Script- grass.debug

Luisa Peña luisapena1979 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 23 09:08:40 EDT 2010

Hi there

I'm doing a Python script, based on r.in.aster, to import a set of images
but, I'm not sure for that is used the following:
    grass.debug("gdalwarp -t_srs %s %s %s" % (proj, srcfile, tempfile))
WHat is the point of using grass.debug if I do the following after this:
if platform.system() == "Darwin":
        cmd = ["arch", "-i386", "gdalwarp", "-t_srs", proj, srcfile,
tempfile ]
        cmd = ["gdalwarp", "-t_srs", proj, srcfile, tempfile ]
    p = grass.call(cmd)
    if p != 0:
        #check to see if gdalwarp executed properly


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