[GRASS-user] First time trying to install add on g.extension (r.stream.order)

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 24 23:12:11 EDT 2010

David wrote:
> Using GRASS 6.4.0 on windows vista I type "g.extension
> extension=r.stream.order" in the command line at the bottom of
> the layer manager window. The following error is returned:
> "Error:  svn client required. Please install Subversion first." 
> I have looked through many posts and help files to no avail, if
> anyone can tell me what additional steps/programs/plugins are
> required to install addons I would really appreciate the help.

see  http://subversion.apache.org

note g.extension is rather new and untested compared the rest of
the software, especially on Windows. Besides svn for building C
modules, you will need a C compiler which doesn't ship with the
GRASS installer.



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