[GRASS-user] replacement for d.mon in GRASS 7.0?

Martin Landa landa.martin at gmail.com
Wed Apr 13 05:56:34 EDT 2011


2011/4/13 alonso <alonsarp at um.es>:
> Ok. It works fine now thanks a lot.
> Anyway this approach hasn't the flexibility and possibilities that
> monitors had, like zoom, frames, queries (specially queries to several
> maps with d.what.*).
> I understand that python interface is an improvement, but I'd be happy
> having d.mon in the all way in GRASS 7.

there is no plan to introduce again Xmonitors, it would be a bad
decision. What is plan is to implement original d.mon in similar way
for wxGUI map displays. So you will start new wxGUI display window by
`d.mon wx0`, add new raster map by `d.rast elevation`. Zooming or
panning is implement in wxGUI displays.


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