[GRASS-user] replacement for d.mon in GRASS 7.0?

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 13 02:55:36 EDT 2011

alonso wrote:
> I understand that python interface is an improvement, but I'd be happy
> having d.mon in the all way in GRASS 7.

as a debug tool and gift to power-users, what I have imagined in the past
is some sort of "wxgui-lite": command-line driven, based on wxPy, with no
status line at bottom or menu at top. Something less spartan than wximgview
but not by much. probably calling it "gui" at all would be wrong, and
maybe wximgview could be slightly enhanced? (not sure if that's wanted)

Only a right-click menu to change the cursor between pan, marquee zoom
(those two cursor modes also enable mouse wheel zooming), query {coord|
avail rast, vect sub menus}, measure, dump screenshot to png, and tick
box to put XOR'd background yellow 12pt "x,y" mouse position coords in
the bottom right.

It would watch for changes in the mapset's WIND file and auto-update on
change, like 'qiv --watch'. (ximgview's percent= takes a bit of tuning if
using remotely over a slow 'ssh -X' connection, so --watch is nicer there,
but not sure if that's portable [can `make` do that on MS Win?]).

just an idea to keep the semi-minimalist Fluxbox/XFCE crowd happy.


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