[GRASS-user] Error trying to mosaic two images

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 5 08:23:26 EST 2011

femgo wrote:
> Hello, I´m new GRASS´s user, so probably this is question have already
> been asked.

no, I don't think it has, so thanks for the report.

> I have two geotiff images that I want to mosaic,

(did you try r.patch? perhaps i.image.mosaic is overkill)

> but GRASS shows this error:
> Mosaicing two images...
> syntax error, unexpected '@', expecting '='
> Parse error
> C:/Arquivos de programas/GRASS6.4RC1/scripts/i.image.mosaic: line 98:

the r.mapcalc call apparently does not like the @mapset in the input
names. I suspect a little \"quoting\" of the variables within the mapcalc
statement will help.

(btw, in general the imagery libraries do not like @mapset very much,
but this one is just a little quoting bug I think)

> It says the problem is the @, which was put automatically into the
> images´s name to indicate where it is.
> How should I proceed?

@PERMANENT and the current mapset are always in the mapset search path
(unless you do something silly) so you can safely remove the @mapset
part before you run the module.

> Thanks in advance and sorry for the poor english. --

your english is just fine.


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