[GRASS-user] align two maps, same projection - different centers

Kirk Wythers kirk.wythers at gmail.com
Wed Dec 7 11:52:54 EST 2011

I have a raster that I received from a colleague that has a different
center northing parameter from another map in the same projection. All the
rest of the region and projection information are correct. I think what I
need to do is to re-project the new raster to match the center northing
parameter of the old map. Which command should I be using to accomplish
this within GRASS? Or, should I be using an external tool like gdalwarp on
the original img file (before I import it into GRASS?



Here is the output of r.region for the raster with the wrong center, and
the output of v.region for a vector with the correct center:

GRASS 6.4.1 (northcentralus_albersequalarea):~ > g.region -pc
projection:      99 (Albers Equal Area)
zone:            0
datum:           nad83
ellipsoid:       grs80
north:           2960848
south:           2087348
west:            -122110
east:            1141890
nsres:           250
ewres:           250
rows:            3494
cols:            5056
cells:           17665664
center easting:  509890.000000
center northing: 2524098.000000

GRASS 6.4.1 (northcentralus_albersequalarea):~ > g.region -pc vect=nw212
projection:      99 (Albers Equal Area)
zone:            0
datum:           nad83
ellipsoid:       grs80
north:           1322833.8573
south:           647305.3646
west:            6150.4319
east:            1003361.9406
nsres:           250.01054504
ewres:           249.99035064
rows:            2702
cols:            3989
cells:           10778278
center easting:  504756.186250
center northing: 985069.610950
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