[GRASS-user] missing centroids and link with POSTGRESQL

Laura Poggio laura.poggio at gmail.com
Thu Dec 8 03:26:24 EST 2011

Dear all,
I have a vector file created with r.to.vect tool:
r.to.vect my_rast output=my_vect feature=area

The created vector has about 200 areas without centroids. I used
v.centroids to update them:

v.centroids input=my_vect output=my_vect_with_centroids

I then run v.clean on the new vector
v.clean my_vect_with_centroids output=my_vect_clean

The my_vect_clean has an updated number of rows.

I need to use the created vector in POSTGRESQL for further analysis and
statistics. However the rows count in the associated attribute table is
still the same as before the centroids and the cleaning.

I think I am missing something rather basic here, but I can not figure what
I should do to convince POSTGRESQL that 200 rows have been added. I am even
not sure this is the proper way to deal with this. Any comments  or
suggestions will be very welcomed.

Thank you very much in advance.

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