[GRASS-user] tabbing between multiple displays in manager

Shane Litherland litherland-farm at bigpond.com
Fri Dec 23 17:50:42 EST 2011

Hi all,

wxGUI, just figured out I can have one GRASS session and open up
multiple displays at once, this is grand! instead of having one display
with heaps of layers I keep turning on/off, can have separate 'working'
layouts in separate displays, nice and quick and convenient :-)

I noticed in the display manager window, some discreet < > x in the
right corner of the display tabs. I figured the x is for closing the
session as the 'do you want to save before closing' dialog comes up.
the < and > I expected to 'tab' between the display 1, 2, etc tabs in
the manager. What seems to happen when I click on these is that a dotted
box appears around the active tab name (indicating it's active for
selection etc?) but it doesn't go further than that and actually move to
selecting/showing the next display tab.

In order to select different display tabs, I have to use the mouse and
click on them.

If I click on the (already selected) tab with the mouse, it gives the
dotted box around display name, and I can then use CTRL+TAB or CTRL
+SHIFT+TAB to tab to the next display tab, but I can do this only once.
To do it successive times, I have to mouse-click on the active tab again
to get the dotted-box before the keystroke command works again.

This is in 6.4.2RC2 wx GUI, on Ubuntu 10.04(.3?) I expect it's just some
small command issues in where the focus is for the buttons/keystrokes to
act upon. Anyone know if this is already reported, or can anyone else
repeat this situation? Either way let me know and I can put a bug report
in if required (while I'm on a roll...)

passing thought - is there a way to rename the display tabs (currently
just 'display 1', 'display 2' etc)? could be handy where one has several
display tabs and can't remember what's on each one... e.g. can I name
them to be 'weeds', 'catchments', 'cadastre data' and so forth?


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