[GRASS-user] digitising area crashes GRASS in wx GUI

Shane Litherland litherland-farm at bigpond.com
Sat Dec 24 00:12:22 EST 2011

Hi all,
this seems to be a serious thing!

wxGUI, ubuntu 10.04, GRASS 6.4.2RC2;

I created a new vector 'testing_vectors' for troubleshooting.
obviously it was empty to start with.

I chose 'digitize' from the listbox on top-right of map display window,
then selected the vector from listbox that appears with digitizing

I proceeded to select 'area' tool, and draw an area. when I used the
right-mouse click to finish/close the area, GRASS crashed (as in all
windows shut down, disappeared, only the terminal that I used to start
GRASS was still there, no messages or anything in it).

I restarted GRASS, opened the workspace, same steps above to digitize
the vector again. after selecting it, I got a "Topology missing" dialog
that stated:
Topology for vector map <testing_vectors> is not available. Topology is
required by digitizer. Do you want to rebuild topology (takes some time)
and open the vector map for editing?

I clicked yes, and it seemed to go OK, let me continue to digitize and
it showed the vector i'd digitized prior to the crash. BUT IT WAS ONLY A
BOUNDARY, NO CENTROID. I chose the 'area' tool again, and same result
(crash on completion; rebuild topology on opening it again).

In the same vector, I could draw a boundary and complete it with no
crash. I could add centroids to the boundary I drew, and to the previous
boundaries that were the result of the crashed 'area' tool.

So is there something wrong with the area tool in the process of it
adding a centroid? I did not change any of the digitising settings, they
were all at default I believe. (The 'add new record to table' was
unchecked, maybe I had changed that option?)


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