[GRASS-user] mapcalc problem in python script!!

Johannes Radinger JRadinger at gmx.at
Mon Feb 7 07:58:37 EST 2011


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> Johannes Radinger wrote:
> > Somehow I didn't your answer via email, I just found it at
> > http://permalink.gmane.org/gmane.comp.gis.grass.user/38530
> For whatever reason, GMX doesn't like my IP address, and bounces my
> emails. The problem is compounded by a "feature" of the mailing list
> software which (by default) doesn't send messages to any subscriber
> whose email address appears in the To or CC fields (on the assumption
> that they'll already get a copy). You can (and probably should)
> disable this feature in your preferences (via the link at the bottom
> of the email).

I don't know which feature to disable?!? And I don't know why gmx is bouncing your emails...strange somehow...

> > just to give you some more information on my problem:
> > I am running exactly following script:
> > def main():
> >     grass.mapcalc("$upstream_shreve = ${upstream_part}+${shreve}",
> >                   upstream_shreve = options['upstream_shreve'],
> >                   upstream_part = options['upstream_part'],
> >                   shreve = options['shreve'])
> >     return 0
> > 
> > if __name__ == "__main__":
> >     options, flags = grass.parser()
> grass.parser() needs to know the valid options for the script. These
> are specified by comments beginning with "#%". See any existing script
> for reference.
> Then, you need to run the script with the appropriate command line
> options. I'm assuming that isn't happening, because you should get an
> error if you provide an unrecognised option (and there are no
> recognised options).

I added your comments "#%" in the script (see attachment). Is it the only way to run the grass.mapcalc version in python with the grass.parser? I run my script external, directly from IDLE (without starting grass).
Has anyone wrote a python script for GRASS-Windows combination which is calling the mapcalculator and is totally outside of grass?

Just see my attached script.


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