[GRASS-user] Running GRASS 7 on ubuntu without GUI

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 9 06:57:58 EST 2011

Jon wrote:
> I've installed GRASS 7 on Ubuntu by compiling from source
> (trunk).  Everything seems to have gone fine during the
> compiling/installation process, but I can't get it to run from
> the command line.  When I try and run it I get the following
> error:
> WARNING: It appears that the X Windows system is not active.A
> graphical based user interface is not supported.Switching to
> text based interface mode.
> Hit RETURN to continue
> /usr/local/src/grass_trunk/<UNKNOWN>/<UNKNOWN>/.gislock: No
> such file or directoryERROR: /usr/local/grass-7.0.svn
> /etc/lock:Unable to properly access "/usr/local/src/grass_trunk
> /<UNKNOWN>/<UNKNOWN>/.gislock"
> Please notify system personel.
> I'm running this on a server, so don't have a GUI.  Does this
> mean that GRASS hasn't installed correctly?

no, it is probably just fine. you get that because there is no
~/.grass7/rc file existing yet so the last mapset and location
used is <UNKNOWN>. Yes we need to clean up the new startup 
script, but bear with us, 7.svn is still the in-development
version.. :)

the fix is easy, just point it to an existing mapset:

$ grass70 ~/grassdata/spearfish60/user1

then it will be happy. If it continues to complain about no
GUI available (it shouldn't) use the g.gui module to set the
default to "text".

I expect that we'll change/improve the GRASS_BATCH_SCRIPT logic
in 7, but that's still mostly on the TODO list.


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