[GRASS-user] texture instead of color

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 11 19:35:00 EST 2011

Martin Album Ytre-Eide wrote:
> Does any one know if there is a way to get texture areas
> instead of/or together with a color?

In GRASS I think ps.map is your only option.

Perhaps it would be possible to write an addon script to use a
grid of symbols/dots with style or density based on category,
(see v.random.cover script) but there's no real/built-in hatching
possible with the current d.* code AFAIK.

> I tried to use psmap, and that work in a way, but it
> resulted in other problems.

( http://grass.osgeo.org/wiki/AreaFillPatterns#Example_Pattern_files )

what were the other ps.map problems? (I'd like to fix them, or
maybe know a work-around)

> I have also tried qgis with grass plugin, which have good
> support for different textures, but I could not set a
> geographical grid in other projections. 
> Any solutions or ideas?

In GRASS use the v.mkgrid module to make a grid vector map 
bigger than your target area, then use v.proj to pull that into
your plotting projection. Then display this vector's boundary
lines in QGIS. Maybe you have to convert boundaries to lines
first? I'm not sure how much control qgis gives you on that. If
using v.type for that remember you have to use v.category first
to assign cat numbers to the boundary lines, otherwise they'll
be ignored. (I've never been sure if it's been appropriate to
fix that annoyance. maybe with a flag in v.type? ..mmph)



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