[GRASS-user] r.stream.* for grass7 major update

Mark Seibel mseibel at gmail.com
Thu Feb 17 14:52:31 EST 2011

> I committed changes in next version of r.stream for grass7 (available via
> svn-add-ons)
> There are lots of changes to older version of grass6

Just a note to say thanks for this fantastic contribution.  I've had
great success in using the r.stream.* modules (and MFD routing outputs
in r.watershed).  These are really an incredible set of tools.  I've
been using GRASS 6.5.  For one analysis, we need to determine wetland
proximity and elevation to streams and outlets "as the water flows",
and not "as the crow flies" under a significant nexus study.
r.stream.distance got the job done with amazing results.  For the same
project, the stream ordering (strahler) worked very well also.  I am
anxious to try the other r.stream modules I have not used yet in 6.5,
and also to see the enhancements in 7.0.

I was looking for an excuse to post a "thank you", and thought this
reply to be on topic :)


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