[GRASS-user] r.stream.* for grass7 major update

Jarek Jasiewicz jarekj at amu.edu.pl
Thu Feb 17 14:38:04 EST 2011

Hi all.

I committed changes in next version of r.stream for grass7 (available 
via svn-add-ons)
There are lots of changes to older version of grass6

I will not support version 6 of r.stream except critical bug-fix (i.e 
program crashes etc) anymore

- all modules are rewritten to use SEGMENT library (support for large  DEMS)
- r.stream.order: offers independent stream network vectorization and 
can be utilized to vectorized r.watershed output
- r.stream.order: calculate more than 20 of morphometrical and 
hydrological parameters for network including 7 methods of ordering
- r.stream.stats: output results to stdout or to file; new style of 
output of Hortonian statistics
- r.stream.angle: is abandoned. New module r.stream.segment can be used 
to calculate stream segments parameters (ordered network) and to divide 
network to straight segments
- r.stream.channel, r.stream.slope: small but useful modules to 
investigate stream parameters along streamlines
- r.stream.snap: snap outlets and inits to pour points (experimental)
- more minor changes

Modules have been tested however I have no time to make deeper tests and 
I do not know how it will behave on some specific datasets. While 
r.stream is rather comprehensive toolset and I cannot do it perfectly 
without comprehensive tests. It works for me, but I'm sure it may not 
work for everyone. So everyones interested  in  this module working are 
asked to test them. It would be nice also to improve my English in 

If someone will decide to improve descriptions please send me corrected 
texts directly.

all other modules created by me (r.area, r.convergnce, r.fuzzy toolset) 
are also updated to version7. People interested in them are also asked 
for help in testing

Jarek Jasiewicz

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