[GRASS-user] Setting Initial Projection/Bounds

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Fri Feb 25 16:26:22 EST 2011

   I keep tripping over new issues. If there's a doc discussing this, please
point me to it and I'll go read it.

   My Nevada data come from a variety of different sources and have different
projections (Alberts Conical Equal Area [aea] and Long/Lat [ll], if not
more) and coverage boundaries. This for both vector and raster data.

   I want to put all these in a GRASS state data location and PERMANENT
mapset. Once all data are in I can re-project and change regions as

   Importing the state and county boundaries I set the bounds by long/lat (in
decimal degrees) and grass took the aea projection information from the .e00
file. When I tried to import hydrologic unit boundaries from the National
Hydrologic Database, v.in.ogr on a .shp file and using the -o option to
override the defaults, failed becaue the projection of these data are

   Is the appropriate response for me to set up a suite of locations, one per
projection, to initially import all data and then reproject them into a
common location? Or is there a more appropriate way to get all the disparate
data into grass?



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