[GRASS-user] r.streams not compiling for GRASS 70

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 26 03:04:46 EST 2011

stephen wrote:
> Here is the error for compiling GRASS7 and addons r.stream.
> svn up today
> Error:
> make MODULE_TOPDIR=$HOME/source/grass/grass7
> io.c: In function ‘ram_create_map’:
> io.c:16: warning: format not a string literal and no format arguments

try adding 
#include <grass/glocale.h>

#include "io.h"
in the io.c file. It's already given in io.h so I don't really see why
it's needed. fwiw I've moved it to the end of the grass/ includes in
io.h in r45461, maybe that helps.



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