[GRASS-user] v.rast.stats2 bug?

Mark Seibel mseibel at gmail.com
Mon Feb 28 20:02:09 EST 2011

I just checked out v.rast.stats2 (Feb.28) and when I run it I get the
following error.

Do I need to file a ticket, or am I missing something obvious?  While
it says 'done', the table is unpopulated.

awk: {printf "\nUPDATE acoe_jd SET dist_n
awk:         ^ unterminated string
sed: couldn't write 176 items to stdout: Broken pipe
Restoring previous MASK...
Statistics calculated from raster map <streams_distance_ft at PERMANENT>
and uploaded to     attribute table of vector map <acoe_jd>.

Much thanks,

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