[GRASS-user] Tutorial Not Same as GRASS 6.4

Thomas D. Dean tomdean at speakeasy.org
Mon Feb 28 20:57:08 EST 2011

I have GRASS 6.4.0RC5+39438 (2009).  I followed the tutorial, with lots
of mental corrections and managed to get the example displayed.  The
tutorial is good, just needs some tweeking to match the GRASS display.

A quick introduction to the 6.4 wxGUI and raster maps,
Does not correspond to the GRASS display.

For example,

> Once inside add a raster map layer such as "elevation" from the
>  PERMANENT mapset. To do this click on the checkerboard toolbar
> button with a "+" on it and then select the map name from the
> pull-down list which appears, and click [Ok].

There is no icon checkerboard with a "+" on it.  Rather, there is a
green, red, orange icon with an arrow in it.  However, it does have the
description "Add raster layer".  And, there is not a pull down list.
Rather, a layer is added, labeled raster1 and clicking the "i" button
brings up a pop-up that allows selecting the map.

I am not good at describing things.  I don't know what the author
intended the icons to be.

How do I help feeding back the corrections?  Or, is this tutorial for a
newer version?


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