[GRASS-user] Points, Distances, and, Bearings.

Thomas D. Dean tomdean at speakeasy.org
Mon Feb 28 23:00:25 EST 2011

On Mon, 2011-02-28 at 19:36 -0800, Hamish wrote:

> are you using a lat/lon location? how large an area will your
> plot cover? continental?
Thanks for the reply.  I will be away for a couple days, then, will
check out the d.rhumbline, d.geodesic, r.transect, r.profile,
and m.cogo modules.

The points are located by lat/lon, wgs84.  I also want a lat/lon output
that is the centroid of the intersection of several lines.

The plot will cover up to 1/4 of the globe.  Then, zoom down to a


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