[GRASS-user] leftover node in v.digit

Maris Nartiss maris.gis at gmail.com
Fri Jan 7 05:49:43 EST 2011

Open a bug report with exact step-by-step how to reproduce this issue.


2011/1/7, Shane Litherland <litherland-farm at bigpond.com>:
> Hi again,
> another little thing I found by accident,
> If digitising boundaries, then using 'remove vertex' to delete some of a
> boundary, vertex-by-vertex... If I kept going and removed all the
> vertexes (instead of the correct way of using 'delete
> point/line/boundary'), it was possible to end up with some leftovers..
> I could see a lone red cross on the v.digit screen (meaning, node(1
> line) ) that I could not select to move, add, delete, anything... no
> matter what my zoom.
> This errant node did not show in the GRASS map view of the vector in
> question, only in v.digit.
> Using v.clean 'found' and removed this errant node (using the rmline
> option) and I checked the vector info of the 'dirty' versus 'clean'
> vectors to see nothing else had been upset.
> It was an accident, I thought I'd selected the 'delete' tool...
> but interesting, nonetheless ;-)
> regards,
> shane.
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