[GRASS-user] Locating Programmers' Manual as pdf -- FOUND

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Fri Jan 14 18:48:44 EST 2011

On Sat, 15 Jan 2011, Martin Landa wrote:

> ./rfc/latex/grassrfc_list_2011_01_15_refman.pdf


   This is what I thought would be a programmer's manual, but it is not.

> ./lib/g3d/latex/grass65g3dlib_2011_01_15_refman.pdf
> ./lib/vector/dglib/latex/grass65dglib_2011_01_15_refman.pdf
> ./lib/vector/latex/refman.pdf
> ./lib/gis/latex/refman.pdf
> ./lib/db/latex/grass65dbmilib_2011_01_15_refman.pdf
> ./lib/ogsf/latex/grass65ogsflib_2011_01_15_refman.pdf
> ./lib/proj/latex/grass65projlib_2011_01_15_refman.pdf
> ./lib/gpde/latex/grass65gpdelib_2011_01_15_refman.pdf
> ./lib/gmath/latex/grass65gmathlib_2011_01_15_refman.pdf
> ./lib/segment/latex/grass65segmentlib_2011_01_15_refman.pdf

   What I want is knowledge that I need to convert the r.fuzzy code from
version 4.2.1 (and, perhaps, from French to English) to version 6.5. I need
to add floating point capabilities and pointers on how to add that to an
interger-only module would be very helpful. (Actually, the variable names
and source code comments can remain in French as long as the code compiles,
integrates with the rest of GRASS, and works.)

   I've not looked at GRASS code in about a decade so I thought that a
programmer's manual would be helpful. What I see in the html pages are notes
that most of the text refers to version 4.x, that the version 5.x has not
been integrated to replace the older information, and there's nothing
explicit that addresses version 6.x code. Makes it difficult for those of us
not part of the core development team to contribute.



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