[GRASS-user] How to Identify the best subdataset of a dataset of points which follow a canonical distribution ?

nikos vesnikos at gmail.com
Tue Jan 25 06:09:43 EST 2011

Hello List,

I have an interesting problem, and I'd really appreciate if you could
give a couple insightful tips on how you'd solve the following: 

I want to order some meteo (rain mm/month for PSDI) data from my
corresponding national agency, but in their infinitive wisdom they
choose to place their weather stations in a pattern that follows
anything but a canonical distribution. 

I know this because they sent me a shp file with all their 136 stations
which are available to the general public - for a fee of couse.

Now my problems arise on how I choose  which possible combination of my
dataset of stations correspond to a canonical distribution of the
mainland - keeping the set of the stations to a minimum as with each
station the cost goes up?
I want to be as much efficient one can be using GIS technology ;)

My initial thinking is to find a subdataset which have their voronoi
polygons created with the same area. But im not so sure if thats the
correct approach

Any tips on how to solve this problem is greatly appreciated!

Ves Nikos

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