[GRASS-user] v.in.ascii: Cannot Close Attribute Table

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Thu Mar 3 18:11:17 EST 2011

   Almost there:

GRASS 6.5.svn (Nevada-utm27):~/grassdata > v.in.ascii -b --o
in=/home/rshepard/GIS/data/Nevada/nv_wells.txt out=water_wells format=point
fs='|' skip=1 columns='well_log varchar(8), x double precision, y double
precision' x=2 y=3 z=0 cat=0
Scanning input for column types...
Maximum input row length: 39
Maximum number of columns: 3
Minimum number of columns: 3
Column: 1 type: string length: 8
Column: 2 type: double
Column: 3 type: double
Importing points...
Populating table...
ERROR: Could not close attribute table. The DBMI driver did not accept all

   The source table contains three columns: the well_log ID, utm_easting, and
utm_northing. Seems to me that only the first would be an attribute for the
table. How do I determine what the problem is?


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