[GRASS-user] r.sun - run script

Eli Adam eadam at co.lincoln.or.us
Fri Mar 25 01:35:27 EDT 2011

>Consider to post such output as text here for example (easier to read):

I agree that screenshots of text are not as helpful as they could be.  I have been wanting to ask a question about pastebins for a variety of OSGeo mail lists and this is at least a great opportunity for GRASS (perhaps we should move to discuss?).  Are they preferable to putting it in the email since it is 'too' much for an email?  I understand how you may want to pastebin python or something else very sensitive to spacing, however, I also thought that one of the main points of the mailing list was posterity and helping other users by search.  If all the relevant information is contained in an ephemeral pasetbin, searching is much less helpful.  

When should something be contained in an email?

When should something be put in a pastebin?  

Thanks, Eli

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