[GRASS-user] GIPE modules in GRASS 6.5 and 7.0

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 2 23:55:53 EDT 2011

Yann Chemin wrote:
> There should be a way to do that by
> "going back in time" the SVN revisions versions.

please restrict grass7 development in addons to the grass7/ dir!

feel free to use the grass6/ dir for archival purposes (svn copy
the appropriate revision); my unimplemented plan is to move the
base raster/ imagery/ vector/ dirs into grass6/, then symlink
them back into the main addons dir. Before doing that I need to
study up on how well svn deals with symlinks when used from MS
Windows. The sooner we do this, the better.

a reminder: while we think it works pretty well, grass7 is still
pre-alpha. Do not use it for real work, only if you want to help
program and debug. For production use there is the stable 6.4.x
line. Although I personally use the development version day-to-
day as I'm trying things out and building things, with the benefit
of hindsight sticking with the stable releases for "real"/final
work runs has really saved my neck in the past, and it can save
yours too.


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