[GRASS-user] Location deletes on restart

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 10 04:45:54 EST 2011

Daniel wrote:
> Recently the location in which I last worked is deleted when I
> restart my computer. I've worked around it by making a backup
> copy before I shut down, but is this happening to anyone else?
> It's a pretty annoying problem, especially since before I
> figured out what was going on and made a proper workaround I
> had to complete two rather large projects twice. Running GRASS
> 6.4.2RC1-3.3-x86_64 from the Geo repository on OpenSUSE 11.4.

so it's fully reproducible?
and the location still exists on the disk after you exit grass
completely? (double check with `ps`, look for Init.sh)
and it is gone directly after reboot? ie before grass is restarted
after a boot?

plenty of free disk space? e2fsck comes up clean?
ssd or traditional hard drive? anything special about the
partition? (it's not symlinked into /var/tmp/ or anything like
does running "sync" before shutting down help?
waiting >35 sec after shutting down grass before turning off the

grass itself doesn't go near the boot/shutdown init scripts
so if it happens outside of grass I'm wondering what it could


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