[GRASS-user] delineate Watersheds

Ruth Sos Del Diego rsosdeldiego at googlemail.com
Fri Nov 11 08:10:38 EST 2011

Hello list,

I trying to delineate watersheds  in a STRM-data(DGM.tif)

 |   Data Type:    CELL                              |
 |   Rows:         1809                           |
 |   Columns:      1413                             |
 |   Total Cells:  2556117

I´m trying with r.terraflow and the error is: " Cell file < DGM.tif
resolution differs from current region>

and too I try with r.watershed and finally the run the basin is empty. (0.0)

I´m using the nightly build- SEXTANTE (gvSig 1.11)

 Any idea what is wrong? Any suggestions are welcome!


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