[GRASS-user] How can i modify the algorithm/code for Hydrologic Modeling or watershed analysis?

Maris Nartiss maris.gis at gmail.com
Sat Nov 12 06:42:58 EST 2011

You got no answer as Your question is board and hard to understand.

If You want to modify raster module, You have to look at
raster/modulename directory for it's source. I.e. r.watershed is
located in raster/r.watershed [1]. Most of GRASS modules are written
in C and thus You have to be familiar with C.

Second part - what do You mean by "form structure"? If You mean GUI,
then it's auto-generated from analysis module input parameter
description (r.watershed --interface-description). Still You can build
Your own GUI and just call from it i.e. r.watershed with correct

More information on writing a GRASS code can be found at programmers
manual. [2] Come back when You have read that, looked at the source
code and then have specific questions.


1. http://trac.osgeo.org/grass/browser/grass/trunk/raster/r.watershed
2. http://grass.osgeo.org/programming7

2011/11/11 Sandip Maity <sandip.stesalit at gmail.com>:
> Dear sir,
> I want to modify the existing code of watershed analysis.
> Please tell me in which file or folder i should go for changing the code?
> I have to change some or modify the form structure.
> Please help me.
> regards.
> Sandip.
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