[GRASS-user] ideas on how to handle 3D topology

Benjamin Ducke benducke at fastmail.fm
Wed Nov 16 06:39:48 EST 2011

Dear List --

I have sketched up some ideas on how to reduce the
complexity of 3D topology handling:


I have some hope that it should be possible to implement
3D topological correctness in GRASS 7 and v.clean without
having to add a lot of code to the existing 2D methods.

I would be delighted to discuss the whole topic of 3D
topology, as I think it currently stands between GRASS 
and more complex 3D vector data management/analysis. 
Not sure if this mailing list or the wiki itself would 
be the best place for discussion.



Benjamin Ducke
{*} Geospatial Consultant
{*} GIS Developer
  benducke at fastmail.fm

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