[GRASS-user] category number incrementing when digitising

Shane Litherland litherland-farm at bigpond.com
Wed Nov 16 01:12:28 EST 2011

Hi all,

6.4.2RC1 on ubuntu 10.04.3, using wxgui

when digitising new vector, in 'digitisation settings' on 'attributes'
tab, I can play around with settings to add record to table, auto or
manual cat etc.

Noted that when cat mode is 'next to use' clicking the checkbox on/off
for 'add new record into table', the number keeps going up by one for
each click. same happens for the listbox for category mode if i keep
clicking on the 'next to use'

result seems to be some cat numbers get skipped when actually doing

thought i could work around it by doing manual cat number to bring 'next
number' back to where it should be, which will happen if i go through
digitising a new centroid. If I just change 'manual' and apply, then
continue playing with settings without digitising something, each time I
return to the 'next number' option it remembers the number generated
from the previous bout of clicking the checkbox/listbox as per above.

Anyone else noticed this and/or can repeat this?

Something else in the process:
noticed if i make a centroid and the 'next number' is not what I wanted
as the next number, I can change the cat number of the centroid OK. But
if there's no entry in the table for that cat because it was skipped
earlier in the digitising stage, the attributes tool comes up blank.
kinda makes sense to me but i was hoping the attributes dialog would
still open up showing blank fields for each table column and then I
could add the info. currently have to first add record (or at least a
partial record with relevant cat) to the table (e.g. using PGadmin to
access the postgres table)

also found if I change digitisation settings for attributes, but don't
hit the 'apply' button, the digitiser window still responds to whatever
the earlier settings were.
-could the settings automatically update/apply whenever a change is made
to one of the options in this dialog?

furthermore, it seems that cat increments within the digitising window
don't fully obey the dialog settings e.g. I've used manual cat to do a
centroid #752. back to dialog and set cat to 'next to use' and it shows
#753 (yay). click apply, go to digitise next centroid, dialog to enter
table data pops up but it's for cat #754...?!?
If I hit cancel, delete the cat, and try again, the next dialog comes up
with #755. All the while the settings dialog shows next to use should be
#753 still...??

Should it be reported as a bug or could it be result of my end (have had
other small anomalies that appear to be based in what versions of python
and wx I have)?


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