[GRASS-user] Problems while running d.out.file

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 19 00:03:23 EST 2011

> > Moritz wrote:
> >> I can confirm the issue (António, have you
> >> posted a bug report ?). The problem is not
> >> that the scalebar "disappears", but that its
> >> location is not adapted to the changed
> >> resolution: see the
> >> http://geog-pc40.ulb.ac.be/grass/export_png/
> >> for a series of examples.
> > I'm not sure I fully understand the problem, but
> > d.out.file has always worked well for me.
> AFAIU, it's not about d.out.file. The bug is
> related to "export to image" functionality
> available from wxGUI Map Display.

ok, so in the wx Map Display window click on the
"save display to graphic file" icon on the right
side, pick a width and height for your output image
(or a template size), select a filename and image
format to use, and [Save].

to explain to the list, the legend and scalebar
as provided by the wx map display "Add map elements"
icon ("elements" = "decorations"), overlay the main
map composition like a slippy sheet of overhead
transparency plastic with an image on it. You can
then drag the overlay over the background to re-
position it.

but when you export the map composition the overlays
don't get the memo that they should be propor-
tionately place themselves not simply as a fixed
offset from the bottom-left corner. (? I'm not
exactly sure how the overlay positioning works, but
assume that's what's happening)

The quick work-around is for the user to use d.legend
and d.scalebar as "command layers" in the main map
layer wx gui (somewhat hidden under the "add grid
or vector labels" icon) with manual command line
controls. Then the legend or barscale gets rendered
directly as part of map rendering, not overplotted
as a movable overlay.

(seems like the 'add command layer' could use some
work as getting it working was a little brittle,
but that's a matter for another wish ticket..)


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