[GRASS-user] Problems while running Export to PNG file

António Rocha antonio.rocha at deimos.com.pt
Mon Nov 21 13:30:59 EST 2011

(I have eddited the email subject)

> but when you export the map composition the overlays
> don't get the memo that they should be propor-
> tionately place themselves not simply as a fixed
> offset from the bottom-left corner. (? I'm not
> exactly sure how the overlay positioning works, but
> assume that's what's happening)
I confirm. this is what it is happening.
> The quick work-around is for the user to use d.legend
> and d.scalebar as "command layers" in the main map
> layer wx gui (somewhat hidden under the "add grid
> or vector labels" icon) with manual command line
> controls. Then the legend or barscale gets rendered
> directly as part of map rendering, not overplotted
> as a movable overlay.
Ok I was able to add a scale bar as command layer. When I export it the 
recoomended size it is plotted just fine and with a different size it 
addapted thje scale bar (it remained a bit bigger). Is it possilve to 
define Scalebar size (not just position)?

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