[GRASS-user] ERROR with v.report

G. Allegri giohappy at gmail.com
Mon Nov 21 12:24:53 EST 2011

The following command gives me an error:

>> v.report map=rivers option=length units=meters

Displaying column types/names for database connection of layer 1:
File di input specificato due volte (english: input file was set twice)
ERROR: There is a table connected to input vector map 'fiumi_princ at PERMANENT',
but      there are no categories present in the key column 'cat'. Consider
using      v.to.db to correct this.

The vector layer has 227 lines and 12 categories, correctly connected to
the db.
I've also tried to update a table column and it works fine:

>> v.to.db map=rivers option=length units=meters columns=len

Working with GRASS 6.4RC1 from OSGeo4W on a Winows 7 machine.

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