[GRASS-user] v.to.rast error

Andy Wickert wickert at colorado.edu
Tue Nov 22 14:11:39 EST 2011

Hi list,

I am having an error with v.to.rast. I am working with a global
topography raster in lat/lon coordinates with 256 rows and 512
columns. Here are my steps:

1. I threshold the raster into above (1) and below (0) sea level.
2. r.to.vect for raster --> vector areas. The vector map looks fine.
   grass.run_command('r.to.vect' , input=sl_binary , output=sl_binary,
feature='area' , overwrite=True)
3. v.to.rast for the "value" column, which has my original binary
raster values. This looks OK from 68:55S to 75:15N. Farther south, the
oceans become "1" (land), land becomes NULL, and enclosed regions of
sea level <0 remain 0 (water). Farther north, land remains 1, but the
oceans become NULL.
   grass.run_command('v.to.rast' , input=sl_binary ,
output='sl_binary_echo' , column='value' , overwrite=True)

I have been working at this for a few hours with no success; does
anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!


[Apologies if I double-post; realized I sent this first from my gmail
~30 min. ago, which is not registered for this list, and so - I think
- won't show up]

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