[GRASS-user] DIfference lines-lines and lines-points in stream network

Ralf Schäfer senator at ecotoxicology.de
Thu Nov 24 03:11:14 EST 2011

Dear Grass users,

I am comparing stream networks with points and between each other and currently use to approaches:
Comparison of lines of stream network: I rasterize them and get information of shared cells and non-shared cells. Comparison of points and lines: check wheter points line within buffer around network.

But both approaches are just binary not quantitative. So I am looking for a way to calculate the distances between points to the nearest line (or more precisely the closest point on this line) and between lines.
I know from papers that people have done similar stuff (McMaster 2002, DOI: 10.1029/2000WR000150 ), so I wonder if this is possible in GRASS?

Any help appreciated!

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