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> Dear friends,
> there was similar thread before but I could not follow the solution and the
> grass version changed in the meantime.
> I run grass 6.4.1 on an ubuntu 10.04 LTS system and I am quite happy with
> that. I changed to a MySQL database connection by default some weeks ago and
> that makes a lot of work much easier.
> Only one issue remains: Whenever I try to use "v.dissolve" on any vector
> dataset the resulting vector dataset does not hold any table- which makes
> the tool quite useless.
> I don´t get any error messages but just no table. I am sure that the
> database connection works, since I call "v.dissolve" from a script and all
> the other operation before work fluently. When loading the new (dissolved)
> dataset it says:  "Database connection for vector map test_diss at PERMANENT>
> is not defined in DB file. You can define new connection in 'Manage layers'
> tab".
> On all the other operations, the table and the connection between the vector
> and table was set automatic- but maybe I miss something this time. I tried
> the spearfish dataset with the default DBMS and it works. The last thread
> dealing with this issue was about grass 6.3 ... and nearly all the SQL
> drivers caused problems.
> Apologize any forgotten info, it is my first post ever in my life.
> Thanks in advance,
> Stefan
> [I had a pending message for 3 days with my last try. I hope I did not
> double post]

The solution is quick enough: run v.db.addtable on the map you created 
with v.dissolve.


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