[GRASS-user] Cannot get past Wiki captcha

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 27 00:27:07 EST 2011

Martin wrote:
> I changed type of captcha from FancyCaptcha to
> SimpleCaptcha which seems to work. I have also
> enabled captcha for 'addurl' (also for sysops).

excellent! glad we have something in place again.

could you determine if the FancyCaptcha extension
was to blame for the problem? if so, was there a
bug report?

Hmm, didn't we used to use reCaptcha? (or is that a
config option as part of FancyCaptcha?)
if not, it would be my preferred option as it is
not so much wasting humanity's time. (even if it
is now free labor for google instead of helping out
Project Gutenberg as it once was, it is still better
than throwing your finite energy down a hole, which
I find to be highly demotivating)

> In the next days I would like to switch to
> MathCaptcha. What do you think about that?

how about this one:

only half-kidding ;-)


ps- very glad to see the <math> TeX extension
working again!! thanks

pps- fwiw, no 1.17 yet, but official more modern
versions of mediawiki are in fact available for
debian stable from backports.org, and the equiv.
<version>-backports repositories.

"Stable packages" in the Debian sense is as much
about package integration and compatibility with
the rest of the OS as it is about the quality of
a particular software release. (and that can take
a very long time to gel, so you get old versions
that are guaranteed to work together instead of the
newest shiny)  If what you've set up now is working
well I would not suggest to change it, only
mentioned as the problem at hand seems to be a
system integration issue, and that's exactly what
using the official packages is designed to prevent.
Also fwiw, -- & I fully accept that mediawiki is
probably the most widely tested web code out there--
but wrt 'svn up': running development code on a
production server is generally considered to be
not the best strategy.

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