[GRASS-user] 6.5svn Build Errors

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 28 15:47:25 EST 2011

Rich wrote:
>   I've been running 6.5svn but haven't used it
> for several months so I decided to run 'svn up'
> and get the latest version (build 42410? from this
> Monday morning). After running 'make clean' and
> re-configuring I'm getting build errors for the
> first time.

please use 'make distclean' and re-run ./configure.

>   When I change to ../g.parser and run 'make' I
> see errors related to the html docs:
> [...] No such file or directory at
> ../../tools/g.html2man/g.html2man
> line 271.

(it was moved in the build,installed dirs, but 
../../tools/g.html2man/g.html2man should still be
valid from the module source dir.)
>   It's the same for i.ask, i.find, and I assume
> the rest.

I've just tried with a fresh 'svn up', it built ok
for me.


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