[GRASS-user] AddOn or Script when compiling GRASS from source

Martin Landa landa.martin at gmail.com
Thu Oct 13 10:56:45 EDT 2011


2011/10/13 Hamish <hamish_b at yahoo.com>:
> the fact that it has been used like that in trunk
> is a mistake I hope to remedy.

it's not a mistake.

> mainly by having trunk look for GRASS_ADDON_BASE
> instead of GRASS_ADDON_PATH if it is actually
> wanting --prefix= instead of $PATH.

OK, GRASS_ADDON_BASE could be a reasonable solution.

> [in grass6] GRASS_ADDON_PATH is what gets prepended
> to the OS's $PATH to look for executables. currently
> g.extension creates symlinks to ameliorate the
> misuse. FYI I plan to modify g.extension in grass6
> to install executables to the main ADDON dir,
> instead of to scripts/ and bin/ + symlinks back to
> the main dir. The current way is needlessly
> complicated.

In grass7 the extensions are installed to `.grass7/addons` (on Linux),
defining GRASS_ADDON_BASE would avoid bunch of GRASS_ADDON_*
variables. The `addons` directory has defined structure,

bin  docs  etc  man  scripts

In the result, only one variable GRASS_ADDON_BASE would be enough, to
define PATH (bin & scripts) ETC (etc) or MAN (man). Your suggestion is
to replace GRASS_ADDON_PATH (as used currently in trunk) by
GRASS_ADDON_BASE, right? if yes, it make sense to me.


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