[GRASS-user] AddOn or Script when compiling GRASS from source

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 13 10:32:36 EDT 2011

> > IOW, GRASS_ADDON_PATH is supposed to be the
> > root of the add-on hierarchy, analogous to
> > GISBASE for the main installation.

no it is not supposed to be like that!

the fact that it has been used like that in trunk
is a mistake I hope to remedy.

mainly by having trunk look for GRASS_ADDON_BASE
instead of GRASS_ADDON_PATH if it is actually
wanting --prefix= instead of $PATH.

[in grass6] GRASS_ADDON_PATH is what gets prepended
to the OS's $PATH to look for executables. currently
g.extension creates symlinks to ameliorate the
misuse. FYI I plan to modify g.extension in grass6
to install executables to the main ADDON dir,
instead of to scripts/ and bin/ + symlinks back to
the main dir. The current way is needlessly

the grass addons repo and g.extension are more
modern creations, but the original, and still
relevant, purpose of that enviro var was for a
place for people to store their own addon modules.
the misuse should have been nipped in the bud, but


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