[GRASS-user] how to fix a digitization scale

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 17 14:05:51 EDT 2011

Moritz wrote:
> Currently, the best idea I have found is
> to use the wxgui to display a map at a fixed scale, save the
> display to a named region and set the computational region
> to the current display. Then start v.digit and only use
> panning. If I ever have to zoom, I then use the named region
> I saved to get back to my scale.

the value there is not accurate and should not be trusted for
anything other than a rough estimate.  see the tooltip message.

it depends on your monitor size and screen resolution.
on the printed page (ps.map) it means something.

this is why I don't like keeping that scale feature in the
wxgui- we print a number and people trust that it means something.
see the wish in the bug tracker for a screen calibration tool
similar to what inkscape,gimp uses to deal with this problem.

my best advice is try to keep a d.barscale on screen, and work
from that.


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