[GRASS-user] map display in 6.4.2RC1 incorrect on startup

Shane Litherland litherland-farm at bigpond.com
Wed Oct 19 23:05:47 EDT 2011

Hi all,

I have started grass wxGUI from a terminal, then open a saved workspace.

that workspace has,
vector 1
vector 2
vector 3
raster 1

in that order in layer manager.

vectors are some lines/boundaries/centroids/points, raster is a fairly
high-res aerial photograph.
All of these layers are marked as 'visible'.

Once I've chosen to open this workspace, I see in the map display the
vectors appear, then a pause as raster loads (I'm used to a pause
because of file size on my old computer), but then once raster loads,
the vectors which should actually be showing over top of it, aren't. as
if the last thing to finish loading ends up as top layer in the display.

Clicking on the 'display map' or 'render map' icons doesn't seem to
re-draw it and sort things out. Neither does zooming in/out. raster map
continues to be only visible layer.
If i go to the layer manager though, and deselect 'visible' checkbox for
any of the vectors, the whole thing sorts itself out and appears as
expected, and continues to do so if i re-select 'visible' for any
layers. i.e. if i deselect vector 2, the map display refreshes showing
vectors 1 and 3 over top of raster 1.

Anyone else notice this?


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