[GRASS-user] troubles retaining color tables when upon export

m k gisdatagetter at gmail.com
Thu Oct 20 15:12:26 EDT 2011

hello -

I am working with a 1 band greyscale raster, FCELL. In GRASS, I have opened
it and assigned it a specific color table. However, if I simulate sending
this file to someone else (export it, then re-import it), the color table
that existed upon export no longer exists. I have tried exporting the color
table as a txt file in GRASS before the export, but that does not seem to do
anything. I have exported/imported as both geotif and .img - both have the
same issue. While the color table can be re-made, it is a complex
classfication system that I would rather retain. Any ideas what I can look
into? Might be that I am missing something, I am still recent to GRASS.

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