[GRASS-user] Re: Add DB entries to vector line (after v.split)

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> thx for your answer. I tried the v.category function but it seams like it
> doesn't work. And in case that it would work, I would lost the original
> categories the lines belongs to, don't I?
It looks strange. Can you give the output of commands <v.info> and
<v.category in=vector opt=report> for your segments vector?

> lines_split_nocats and lines_split_newcats give me the following
> > v.db.select ...
> > cat
> > 1
> > 2
> > 3
> It seams like the Option 'del' doesn't work... I tried to delete the table
> as well, but if I built it again, I've the old categories. But anyway my
> workaround works.

Deletion of the table is unnecessary, because cats in table are
depended on categories
of the vector objects. So all work is around categories.

> ps: I'm gonna try your shell-script (v.to.equidist), as soon I'll have
> installed the GRASS-Addons. Right now it didn't find the grass/gis.h while
> he compiled it...

I hope you're not going to compile a script? :)
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